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Kenston has been a respected name in the dog world for 30 years. Started in 1987 by my mother Rhonda Kenny. My mother Rhonda has bred and shown dogs all of my life.

Kenston began with Rottweilers and produced many champion, mum then fell in love with Bullmastiffs and enjoyed showing and breeding some amazing dogs for many years.

Upon a trip to Hawaii in 1995 she met and fell in love with the Dogue De Bordeaux, Purchasing 3 whilst there.

Mum was very proud of her Dogues and again had great success in the ring while making many new friends all over the world who purchased one of mums amazing pups.In March 2008 on a return trip to Hawaii and US mum was diagnosed with stage 4 non Hodgkins Lymphoma and returned home immediately. Mum spent 5 1/2 months fighting to survive and came home in remission in September 2008.

Mum decided to change to a smaller breed as she was very week form the effects of chemo. After a lot of research she chose the French Bulldog. Mum Imported 3 pups from NZ in 2009, and enjoyed every minute spent with those 3 little clowns. Mums Lymphoma returned in September 2009 and she fought it again but this time mum was to have a Stem cell transplant, after which mum struggled to survive for another 5 1/2 months but this time she was unable to beat it, and passed away on the 1/10/10.

I now have been given the chance of remaining close to my mum through the dogs. I have had great success in the ring With Oscar, Rain and Roxy and plan on breeding many more champions. Mums choice in dogs has given me a very healthy, strong, active dogs and the knowledge I have gained from my mother will assist me in following her path.

My dogs are family and are treated as such, NO cages at Kenston.  

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Gympie, QLD, Australia
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